Touch Screen Systems for Airport Check-In, Boarding Card Printing
or General Ticket Collection

Touch screen ticket collection system, used for airport boarding card printing Reducing queues during peak periods is the goal of many businesses which provide customer services. Ticket collection and boarding card printing are common services provided in modern airports, bus terminals and train stations in this the digital age.
We can provide turnkey solutions to service providers by integrating into their existing software/databse systems or we can design and deliver a complete solution incorporating;
- website design,
- online booking and payment,
- touch-screen user interface design,
- hardware supply and service
- customer care services.

We provide a wide variety of peripherals which cover all existing customers needs:
  • 17"/19" TFT LCD monitor
  • 6mm SAW touch screen or IR touch screen
  • Advertisement boarding
  • Industrial performance embedded computer
  • Omnidriectional barcode scanner
  • Passport reader
  • ID card reader
  • Borading passes printer
  • Magnetic swipe card reader
  • Credit card reader