Touch Screens Used In the Delivery of Health and Safety Induction Courses

Man doing health and safety induciton with touch screen

Compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 is of interest to all companies whether motivated by best practice or by a desire to minimise compensation claims.
Delivering induction courses to visitors and sub-contractors using touch-screen systems is proving increasingly popular. We can place your existing induction course on the touch-screen or we can develop a bespoke induction course for your company.

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Using our touch screen system provides many benefits.

  • Reduction in staff time spent delivering induction courses.
  • Storage of inductees name and company details with secure data backup ensures long term proof of compliance.
  • Your induction course delivery is standardised. This quality guarantee is important if contract reception/security staff are employed.
  • The same touch screen can be used to deliver multiple courses depending the nature of the visit.
  • Changes can be made to the induction course in an instant (on-line delivery) without the need for printing literature.
  • With the touch-screen system in-place the health and safety officer need not be present at the time of arrival of the visitor.

Safety induction course
with stainless keyboard.

Health and Safety Training
Standard reception kiosk.
Available in a range of colours.

Reception Based HR kiosk
Wall mounted with
keypad and trackball mouse.