Estate agents, are you looking for a long term, affordable, marketing solution?

Do you want to stand out from the rest?

Do you want to increase your market presence and vendor numbers?

Then talk to us Ireland's largest supplier of Through-Glass Touch-Screens.

We recognise that estate agents are busy people with ever increasing work loads. Our touch-screens work effortlessly as we connect into your existing database of properties so it requires no extra attention from you or your staff.

Benefits include:
  • Your full listing of properties viewable 24/7 including brochure views of each property (the touch-screens may be timed to turn off at night).

  • Your office front will stand out from the competition.
  • More people will spend longer browsing your properties due to the interactive nature of the display.

  • Touch-screen keyboard allows interested parties to leave their contact details and have links to properties automatically emailed to them.

  • We connect to your database. Once the touch screen is in place it is maintenance free; all software starts automatically once you turn on the PC.

  • Industry standard is to charge vendors a €25 to €50 administration fee annually allowing you to regain your investment within one to two years and profit every year after that.

  • Weekly automated reports of usage including properties most viewed.

Your office window space is your connection to the market place. It reflects your company's ability, reputation and philosophy. Make it the best.

So how does it work and what is the process to get one up and running in your office.  
The particular touch-screens we use work through 25mm's or 1 inch of glass. We place these screens inside your office window. Their are no changes made to your existing window. People walking down the street can then stop touch the screens and browse through your properties.
Our software also gathers potential buyers/vendors contact information allowing you to follow up sales enquiries. We specialise in integrating to your current database i.e. the database that you currently use for your website. So what is displayed in your window is current and up-to-date and requires no extra work from you or your staff.

Touch screen in waiting position with 3 scrolling slide shows

This is the ultimate experience in window shopping. Three slide shows are displayed in the lower portion of the screen to attract potential client’s attention. Properties can be searched for on the basis of price or location, this is your choice as we tailor each installation to suit your needs.

Auctioneers list of property locations

The information rendered to the touch screen comes directly from your existing database so their is no extra work for you or your staff loading in property details.

List of properties with picture for each

A full list of properties is displayed in accordance with the choice made. The browser may then look at the property in more detail by pressing the VIEW BROCHURE button.

Brochure view of property

The brochure displays the full details available on the listing including all the relevant photographs.

Touch screen keyboard allows estate agent to gather contact details

The browser can also leave his or her details for you or request that a brochure of a particular property be emailed to them.

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • We specialise in through glass touch screen solutions for estate agents and auctioneers.
  • All parts of the touch screen are within the auctioneers office and as such are vandal proof (the touch screen automatically turns off at a preset time e.g. 10pm).
  • We are specialists in database connectivity.
  • We tailor each solution to our individual clients needs.

To get a touch screen up and running contact us preferably by email leaving your contact phone number. One of our sales staff will then phone and arrange to give you a demonstration in your own office. After a design consultation we can install a touch screen in your premises which will reflect your company image and branding.

Dearg provides solution to keep you well in front of the competition. We supply and fit in Ireland and Northern Ireland.