Dearg Information Access Solutions now trading as Irish Touch-Screens

We are Irelands leading provider of end to end hardware and software touch screen solutions.
What do we mean by "end to end"? We work with our clients from product design to after sales service and provide all the steps in between. We provide the most stylish touch screen kiosks and develop using cutting edge software technologies.

A lady using an Info Terminal suitable for a hospital, library or museum Info-Terminals: Aimed at art galleries, libraries, museums and other public buildings including hospitals that wish to provide information points to the general public.
A man using a Touch Screen Through-Glass: For those who wish to provide through-glass browsing to consumers passing their shop window e.g. real estate agents / auctioneers, travel agents, jewellers etc.
A man using a Touch screen Health and Safety Induction Courses: We provide joined up solutions for industries that have to comply with high regulations of Health and Safety. We have worked with Irelands leading companies to ensure that they enforce regulation in a cost effective manner.

Clients Include

A man using a Touch screen A man using a Touch screen A man using a Touch screen A man using a Touch screen A man using a Touch screen
Douglas Newman Good Bord Gáis FMC International IT-Tralee Fingal AES/VEC